FESTIGROUP brings together three areas of expertise

Our independent French group brings together three complementary areas of expertise at our FESTILAB resource and development centre.

FESTILIGHT Decorative and festive lights

PIXXARO Interactive digital solutions

EXPELEC Staging, sound, lighting and video

With a multitalented team of 105, we design every project from A to Z with the same essential aim: satisfying our customers.

The cornerstone of our group, Festilight has been designing and manufacturing decorative and festive lights for over twenty years. To meet all our customers’ needs, we provide a wide range of products from the ready-to-install to bespoke solutions, making it possible to create unique effects.
A company trading since 1981, EXPELEC joined Festigroup in 2017 to bring our customers a multi-resource experience. We work in the sound, lighting, staging and video markets. Our ambition is to offer every professional a high-quality, comprehensive product range.
A visual communication specialist for public and private spaces, Pixxaro develops interactive solutions tailored to industry demand. In the aim of delivering a unique user experience, we provide innovative solutions to satisfy our customers and stand out from the competition.


As our group’s driving force, FESTILAB is involved in all our projects; it pools resources from the different entities and liaises between the business lines for comprehensive and effective project design.

It includes a research, design and communication office; a manufacturing and supply chain with a subsidiary in Hong Kong; and a logistics unit providing storage, delivery and installation.