Custom decoration

Associating our clients’ creativity with a wide range of materials pushes us to innovate and excel every day.

Combining creativity and expertise, we constantly push our limits to transform every idea into a concrete project. Whether it’s for decorations, displays, facades, or 3D creations, Festilight masters the art of enhancing every space.

Custom project creation

Step 01

Project brief

Understanding the specific needs of the client and establishing the objectives of the custom project.

Step 02


Documenting in detail the functional and technical requirements of the project.

Step 03

Design creation

Designing aesthetic and functional concepts that meet the client’s expectations.

Step 04

Technical analysis

Analyzing technical constraints and developing viable solutions for the project’s realization.

Step 05


Creating prototypes to validate concepts and optimize functionalities.

Step 06


Obtaining the necessary certifications to ensure the conformity and quality of the final product.

Step 07


Implementing production according to technical specifications and quality standards.

Step 08


Organizing supply chain management and production flows for efficient execution.

Step 09


Deploying the product on-site and making necessary adjustments to ensure its proper functioning.

Step 10


Managing the storage of parts and finished products to ensure availability according to the client’s needs.

Step 11


Ensuring maintenance and after-sales services to prolong the lifespan and client satisfaction.

Only your creativity sets the limit!​

LE MOTIF FRANCAIS® is the new collection of luminous and non-luminous patterns 100% made in France by the Festilight brand. They are produced using additive printing technology with FGF (Fused Granular Fabrication) technology.

Visual Merchandising

Our expertise in custom project design offers a unique blend of craftsmanship, innovation, and unlimited creativity. Our commitment to ongoing research in new materials and technical processes, along with the production of exclusive decorations, sets us apart in the decorative and festive lighting industry.

Décoration de façade sur-mesure

Facade Decoration

Our dedicated team continuously explores new materials and perfects technical processes to guarantee the best solution, both aesthetically and technically. We believe in the perfect fusion of innovation and craftsmanship to create unforgettable visual experiences.

Architectural Lighting

Our added value lies in the ability to combine technical expertise, creativity, architectural enhancement, durability, and operational customer service to offer lighting solutions that highlight architectural beauty.

Urban Design​

We redefine these iconic spaces by endowing them with a subtle, modern, and avant-garde urban aesthetic through customized lighting and decorations.

Economic Authorized

With the “Authorized Economic Operator” status, we have an integrated logistics system that is particularly responsive and flexible. This status facilitates our export and import activities and brings us reactivity. For example, we can easily and quickly replenish our clients during the season, make deliveries with very specific specifications, and more.

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Selection of our tailor-made projects and visual merchandising.

Our expertise

& collections

We offer innovative products of professional quality, as well as tailor-made decoration solutions adapted to all your needs.

Cities & villages

Bright and non-bright festive decorations to enhance the architecture of municipalities and animate spaces.

Commercial spaces

Indoor and outdoor festive decorations, animation and theatrical decor to engage and retain your visitors.

Custom decoration

Unique expertise in project design, thanks to genuine know-how in designing and manufacturing exclusive decorations.