Car Dealerships

We understand that the buying experience at a car dealership is much more than just a transaction.

It’s a moment where dreams and reality meet, where emotion and rationality intertwine. That’s why we strive to create enchanting and memorable environments that captivate customers from their first visit, encouraging them to make the purchasing decision.

Decorations Reflecting Your Brand Excellence

Imagine entering a car dealership where each vehicle is highlighted by an elegant and sophisticated lighting ambiance, creating an atmosphere of luxury and exclusivity that reflects the quality and prestige of the cars on display. At Festilight, we understand that presentation is essential in the automotive industry, and our low-energy consumption luminous decorations are designed to showcase every detail and underline the excellence of your showroom.

Porsche - Toulon

Audi – Mulhouse

Whether it’s for a high-end car dealership, a used car showroom, or any other automotive-related establishment,

Our luminous decorations are a valuable investment that adds value to your business by creating exceptional experiences for your customers. At Festilight, we take pride in transforming your car showroom into a must-visit destination for car enthusiasts and discerning buyers.

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Festilight offers a comprehensive solution of commercial and financial conditions to its clients.

We are here to listen to your needs and imagine
with you the decoration that makes you dream.

Our expertise

& collections

We offer innovative products of professional quality, as well as tailor-made decoration solutions adapted to all your needs.

Cities & villages

Bright and non-bright festive decorations to enhance the architecture of municipalities and animate spaces.

Commercial spaces

Indoor and outdoor festive decorations, animation and theatrical decor to engage and retain your visitors.

Custom decoration

Unique expertise in project design, thanks to genuine know-how in designing and manufacturing exclusive decorations.