Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Commitments

For many years, Festilight has been committed to pursuing an ambitious corporate social and environmental responsibility policy, particularly by minimizing the environmental impact of its products.

From responsible waste management to adopting eco-energy practices, we work every day to contribute to a more sustainable future. Together, we cultivate an eco-responsible vision, placing the environment at the heart of our concerns.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Concerned about reducing the impact of our products’ daily operation, we have worked with our suppliers to evolve the products. The objectives of this approach were to maintain lighting performance and reduce energy consumption of the products. Today, 100% of the luminous products we market use LED technology.

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Sapin avec une guirlande led à faible consommation d'énergie une des responsabilité sociétale de Festilight

But what is an LED?

LED, or Light Emitting Diode, is an electronic component that emits light when an electric current passes through it. Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, LEDs convert a greater proportion of electrical energy into light rather than heat, making them much more energy-efficient.

Parcours Maccking Durable

At the heart of our CSR commitment.


Regarding manufactured products, the company participated in 2023 in the “Maccking Durable” program with the support of the CCI Grand Est and Climaxion, aimed at integrating eco-design into its development processes.

Label MORE 2023

The MORE 2023 label recognizes our commitments to reduce the environmental footprint associated with the manufacture of our products by promoting the use of recycled raw materials.

We use recycled plastic materials from Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment in our additive manufacturing process.

Other Labels and Certifications

To act more globally, the company voluntarily joined the”Diag Décarbon’Action” program, supporting companies wishing to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. This program involves conducting a carbon footprint assessment and co-constructing a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). This program is co-financed by ADEME and operated by Bpifrance, in collaboration with the Bilan Carbone Association. Our commitments have been rewarded with various labels and certifications.”

Le coq vert

The “Coq Vert” community brings together leaders convinced of the need to act and already committed to ecological and energy transition. Companies, economic actors, institutions, and industrial sites located in France who recognize the desire to develop the French industry.

La French Fab

The status of “Authorized Economic Operator” allows us to be recognized as a trusted partner in the international logistics chain.

Opérateur économique agréé

The status of “Authorized Economic Operator” allows us to be recognized as a trusted partner in the international logistics chain.


Evaluate the corporate social responsibility of companies based on documents provided.

Passing on our expertise

Every year, we commit to training students to introduce them to the Festilight know-how. Through apprenticeship contracts for one or two years, observation internships, or long-term internships, we passionately pass on our various professions.

Our contribution to associations

At Festilight, we contribute throughout the year to the development of various local associations and events. To do this, we participate in several cultural and associative events through sponsorships, partnerships, donations, and product loans.

Global Compact

We want to be more attentive to the use of resources and respectful of the people who are the main wealth of our company. To do this, we apply the principles of the Global Compact regarding labor rights.

The Global Compact, also known as the UN Global Compact, is a UN initiative aimed at engaging businesses and non-profit organizations in adhering to 10 fundamental principles, with the aim of promoting the construction of a more sustainable society.

Logo Etablissement et Service d’Accompagnement par le Travail (ESAT)
A partnership with the Establishment and Services for Help through Work (ESAT) allows us to welcome interns with disabilities and also offer them external missions.

To learn more about our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we invite you to download our ethical and CSR responsibility charter!

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