Merchant Associations

Revitalize the streets and attract visitors to your local businesses.

Our illuminated decorations add a festive touch, enticing passersby to discover the hidden treasures of your downtown area.

A collaboration to revitalize local commerce

Our partnership with the french National Federation of City Centers – ‘Les Vitrines de France’ enables us to decorate the shopping streets, infusing new life into the area. By joining forces, Festilight and local commerce actors aim to create memorable visual experiences for fellow citizens.

At a competition organized by ‘Les Vitrines de France,’ the city of Troyes, the birthplace of Festilight, was elected the winner of the ‘Most Beautiful Shopping Downtown’ contest in 2023.

logo vitrines de France
Associations de commerçants regroupé autour d'une place décorée d'un village de bulles

The ideal partner for merchants' associations.

Festilight is the perfect partner for merchant associations looking to revitalize their streets and draw attention to local businesses. With our collection of illuminated decorations, we create vibrant urban spaces that encourage pedestrians to stroll and discover the hidden gems of downtown areas.

Our illuminated decorations showcase local businesses

By creating a welcoming and festive atmosphere that encourages passersby to shop and explore downtown areas. From giant Christmas trees to tabletop decorations, our products add a touch of magic and wonder to every street corner.

Coupe se promène dans une rie piétonne décorée avec des sapins et guirlandes
Marché décoré avec des boules géantes suspendues

Boosting local economic activity

By energizing the streets with our illuminated decorations, you can attract new customers and create an enjoyable shopping experience. Our goal is to contribute to the prosperity of local businesses while strengthening the bond between merchants and their community.

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Our expertise

& collections

We offer innovative products of professional quality, as well as tailor-made decoration solutions adapted to all your needs.

Cities & villages

Bright and non-bright festive decorations to enhance the architecture of municipalities and animate spaces.

Commercial spaces

Indoor and outdoor festive decorations, animation and theatrical decor to engage and retain your visitors.

Custom decoration

Unique expertise in project design, thanks to genuine know-how in designing and manufacturing exclusive decorations.