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/ Festive illuminations & decorations for shopping centres

FESTILIGHT SHOP makes all its expertise available to the most demanding customers to create unique and attractive commercial projects. We provide bold and exclusive themed designs to meet the wants and needs of all sales areas, no matter what their size or shape.

Exterior illuminations, interior decorations and festive inspirations fill the spaces to amaze and enchant.

The Collection

Multifaceted expertise serving commercial spaces.

The FESTILIGHT SHOP collection for shopping centres provides a large and varied selection with endlessly adaptable and flexible displays.

With over 500 products available, you’ll find themed ranges, lit and non-lit decorations, exterior illuminations and displays to bring light and drama to points of sale.

Your Christmas decorations in five steps:

I     Interior decorations with five themes

I    Point-of-sale promotion

I    Exterior illuminations

I    Illumination & Lighting design

I    Installation accessories



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