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FESTILIGHT DECO makes professional expertise accessible to the public. Our experience in Christmas light decorations, development of new techniques and work with new materials in all our business lines have naturally led us to develop product collections aimed at the general public.

The Collection

After keeping a close watch on the latest trends, every year we bring you an updated collection of light decorations for the now.

The FESTILIGHT DECO home collection provides a large and varied selection with products for every occasion: Christmas illuminations, mood lighting, table lamps and even summer decorations for both inside and out.

With nearly 350 products in the collection, you’ll find:

I Themed ranges combining old, new and the latest trends;

  •  a Christmas collection encompassing the most modern and most traditional
  •  permanent decorations to light your interior all year around
  •  summer illuminations at the cutting-edge of technology

I  Interior and exterior decorations;

Battery- or mains-powered products as required;

Our exclusive Infini’light range,
which allows you to hang string, curtain and icicle lights with up to 2,000 LEDs safely on one power supply (80 V) inside and out.


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