FESTILIGHT and its magic bubbles

For Festilight, 2018 was a year of innovation and originality with the launch of an all-new concept: the magic bubbles.

It led to the creation of a Christmas village captured inside transparent giant bubbles that visitors could explore.

The idea is to provide a customisable format so that every event coordinator can find their ideal package. The concept is suitable for local authorities, shopping centres or any organisation wanting to bring innovation to its event.

For the December 2018 festivities, the city of Troyes asked us to create the showpiece of its Christmas decorations. We suggested the magic bubbles project…

Local people couldn’t fail to notice four giant bubbles outside City Hall, standing at almost ten metres tall! The snow-covered scene dotted with fairytale animals included Santa’s sleigh, Pegasus ready to fly, a snowman…

Within the bubbles, we provided various activities for visitors:
– photobooth for snapshots on Santa’s sleigh
– fairytale reading area in an illuminated bauble
– live chalet telling a Christmas story
– workshop for writing letters to Santa

Troyes council wanted to involve its centre-city retailers in all aspects of this incredible project. Visitors were able to take part in various creative workshops in small groups (building snowmen out of sweets, hairdressing, colouring, etc.).

These few figures illustrate the success of the magic bubbles in Troyes:
– 74,390 visitors
– 10,074 photos via the photobooth
– 600 pages in the visitors’ book

New for 2019: we’ve launched a specific website on the magic bubbles…
It aims to present the project in full and explain all the possibilities that we can offer you.
So why not step into the fairytale world of the magic bubbles…


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