Christmas 2018 trends

Yes, it’s that time when we need to start thinking about Christmas and this year’s decorations.
To help you choose the theme that will bring you the most joy, I’ve picked out a few decorative trends for Christmas 2018!

Like every year, you can find traditional wood- and plant-based decorations in red and green. But this year, we can also find slightly more merry and festive decorations featuring bright colours and innovative materials such as neon.

A Nature-inspired Christmas


  • Leaves
  • Wood
  • Warmth
  • Greenery

For a Nature-inspired Christmas, don’t hesitate to create a warm atmosphere, with small pre-lit trees arranged on your table giving a woodland feel, all decorated with warm-white string lights. Add decorative accessories too, such as candles and lanterns to hang up or simply place on the corner of a fireplace.

A Traditional Christmas


  • Red and green colours
  • Wooden Christmas houses
  • String lights
  • Snowy scenes

For a traditional Christmas, we need to emphasise the colours, which are the starting point for this theme. Red will create a classic feel. Over to you to add warmth with wooden decorations such as houses, advent calendars… And don’t forget that the centrepiece is still the Christmas tree, with warm colours, greens, reds and string lights keeping that timeless appeal.

A Scandinavian Christmas


  • WhiteCool
  • Cocooning
  • Cosy atmosphere

To create the appeal of a typical Scandinavian Christmas, the most important thing is to emphasise the cosy, comforting feel. As well as falling snow and a fire crackling in the fireplace, we need the decoration to be immaculate and very wintery. Don’t hesitate to add lots of candles, which are best hung from lanterns. Wood is welcome provided that it’s light in colour; you can find small houses to arrange on a table or advent calendars made out of it. It’s also important to have quite a minimalistic tree in cool white to stay in keeping with the theme.

A Gold Christmas


  • Sparkle
  • Fairytale
  • Illuminations
  • Warm materials

For a Gold Christmas, the most important thing is to emphasise the fairytale feel! The decoration should enchant and bring light and joy. Don’t be afraid to add lots of decorative items such as candles, lanterns and stars to hang up or arrange. Use warm white for your illuminations and black with a few hints of white. Don’t hesitate to put up string lights or arrange them on a table, fireplace, etc. For this theme, you can use different materials to add a new dimension to your decorations: matt, sparkly, shiny, transparent…

A Merry and Bright Christmas


  • Multicolours
  • Magic
  • Childhood
  • Cheer

For a Merry and Bright Christmas, opt for colourful decorations! Don’t hesitate to go back to your childhood to give your home a fun festive makeover. It’s important to create an imaginary world with pop colours such as pink, blue, yellow and green, perhaps in different shades. You could go for a multicoloured bauble tree, pink candles and lanterns to hang up or arrange.

These five trends are just a few examples… What matters most is finding the right theme to help you spend the most wonderful Christmas…

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